Sales of horses


The company was established in 2012. It is owned by its CEO and founder Jitka Ranglova who is a successful national level rider. We are well experienced sport horse riders and dealers with extensive overseas contacts and the ability to market and sell quality horses. 
Whether you are a competitive rider  or an amateur, we have a wide range of horses for you from promising youngsters up to high level sport horses. 
Our goal is for each person to find that one special horse. We would be pleased to help you choose the perfect horse for you, based on your budget and your requirements. 

For more information about the horses and service, please contact us.


sales of horses​Our stables offer more than 30 horses for sale. Horses are based in Slovakia in our barn and they are trained by experienced riders and juniors. The training of our horses is prepared for everyone who needs get a new horse. Many clients bought a horse by the video, we try to give the most informations about wanted horse include with vet check, conformations, current videos. If a client comes here, we are able to pick up the clients on a airport (Viena, Prague, Bratislava, etc.) and then start to trip and visit the barns, where the client can try horses. 

During horse sales is providing blood tests for export and vet checks by the requests of the client.  Shipping companies arrange papers and needed things for to succsessful arrivals of the sold horses. We own many experiences with known shipping company EHS. The shipping is possible worldwide and always done succsessful. 


obrázekOur cooperation with clients is in friendly lines and our task is to make happy all and best results for us are many succsess feedbacks from cliens (friends) of sold horses. We are coooperate with many people in the world and if someone needs to get references about our cooperation or story, you can contact us and we will help you to contact few experinced people with us. 

In this moment we are trying to fill in our big barn in Slovakia for new year 2016 and get better quality of horses for our clients. If we dont have any horse, what you like, write us your requests and we will find your dream horse. Czech republic owns many horses for all kind of clients. 

Salesofhorses is cooperating with big farm and barn based in Florida. Many horses from Czech republic were sold by theirself. Infinitty Farm is an Ocala, Florida based equestrian facility specializing in the training and import of high quality sport horses. We strive to bring the highest level of sport horses  for all disciplines. Our goal is to effectively match both horse and rider and honestly represent the horses while making it more affordable to compete at the highest level. We strive to maintain a strong relationship with our clients and sale horses in an effort to ensure a smooth sale and continued success. For us, the horses and clients happiness are the most important aspect of our business!

Transport / Export and blood tests: 

Salesofhorses work with shipping company based in Belgium EHS services, where we have amazing attitude with their shippers and agents. They do always in time and nice comunication with our clients. They are experienced with our company as well us with them. The cooperation takes since we did first export to abroad. This strong partnership make us happy and our clients too. I can speak same about transport company HTC Cargo used by EHS. They transport all our horses to Holand, where the horses are waiting for their flights to their new homes. 

All blood tests are done in Germany known Labor of Dr. Böse. I can "knock" that all horses are passed with their bloods as negative and their stories had a happy END. 

Business on Facebook or on the email:

Our horses are mostly seen and shared on our facebooks where we are always non stop online and ready to be in touch with our asking clients. We have more facebook accounts and facebook pages led by me (Kristýna Ranglová) or Jitka Ranglová  or as well work aplication "Whatsapp" +420733736574. For people what prefere e-mail comunication we have email and is used by us non stop as well. We are trying to be always fast with our replies.

So at the end - if they are interested to know and experience how we work and do our job, feel free to contact us. 

Best Regards

Kristýna & Jitka - Czech republic