company was established in 2012. We work for worldwide sell of sport horses. 

We would like to show you our program and personal and business life. We work as a sellers, owners and buyers as well. We are ordinaly people same as our clients what look for horses for themself. We are not anything special and more than people around as. We love our horses for sale same as our future clients. :-) We are trying to show our 

Imageclients everything about horses for sale same as we would try to buy horses for us. Our horses know everything what they will live with their future owners. 

We prepare for them competetion's shedule for sport season, we are teaching them to be delivered safety in trailers, trucks, etc.

Mostly we work with young horses. They pass by basic jumping training of a profi/amateur rider with exclusive feeling for keep the horses with extra disciplinated details and know everything for amateur riders. My colleague is called Jitka Ranglová, she rides horses for 20 years. She has a lot of experiences with young horses and many horses in the world make happy their owners. We have more than 400 horses exported to the world and most of them passed by training of us. We always try to get news from the world and we learn new things and tricks for our horses. Our clients are the best counselors. Image

We are in cooperation with many barns or the closest places and the most comfortable possibily of traveling in case of visit of new clients. We are open to invite all clients what are loooking for horses personaly. We always arrange and prepare horses for sale by exact requests of our clients. Mostly people are coming here for 2-3 days. Hotel and food is arranged and booked by us - everything is done in most comfort for you. :-) 

ImageAbout veterinary world we work as well on 110%. Our vet is always in touch with us and with our clients ready to consult our/your questions about arranged vetting or prepurchase exams (PPE). Everything is took on video and pic documentation and online resend to our clients. 


Business on Facebook or on the email:

Our horses are mostly seen and shared on our facebooks where we are always non stop online and ready to be in touch with our asking clients. We have more facebook accounts and facebook pages led by me (Alice Němčanská) or Jitka Ranglová  or as well work aplication "Whatsapp" +420733736573. For people what prefere e-mail comunication we have email and is used by us non stop as well. We are trying to be always fast with our replies.

Transport / Export and blood tests: 

Salesofhorses work with shipping company based in Belgium EHS services, where we have amazing attitude with their shippers and agents. ImageThey do always in time and nice comunication with our clients. They are experienced with our company as well us with them. The cooperation takes since we did first export to abroad. This strong partnership make us happy and our clients too. I can speak same about transport company HTC Cargo used by EHS. They transport all our horses to Holand, where the horses are waiting for their flights to their new homes. 

All blood tests are done in Germany known Labor of Dr. Böse. I can "knock" that all horses are passed with their bloods as negative and their stories had a happy END. 


So at the end - if they are interested to know and experience how we work and do our job, feel free to contact us. 


Best Regards


Alice & Jitka

Czech republic