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Sales of horses

We are a family company established in 2012, since then, we have been working in the global horse trade. 

We would like to show you our program, personal and business life. We work mainly as sellers, but we are owners and buyers as well. Our goal is to introduce horses to our clients as much as possible! Since we are also buyers, we can imagine the situation in which our clients find themselves when they are looking for their dream horse. We approach all our horses with love and individually. We try to create a pleasant environment for both our horses and our clients. 

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Businesses on Facebook, email or WhatsApp

Our horses are mostly seen and shared on our Facebook where we are non-stop online and ready to be in touch with you! We have more Facebook accounts and Facebook pages, where we advertise our horses. We also really like to work on Whatsapp, it's better for sending photos and videos to our clients. For people who prefer e-mail communication, we have an email salesofhorses@gmail.com where you can contact us any time. We are trying to be always fast with our replies!

So in the end - if you are interested to know how it works in our company and would you like to be our client or partner just let us know! We are warmly looking forward to hearing from you! 

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Kristy & Jitka - Czech republic


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We are here to help you and find your dream partner!