About us


This family company was established in 2012. The owner is Jitka Ranglova, who is a successful national-level rider and who created a wonderful team of horse lovers #teamsalesofhorses. We are well-experienced sport horse riders and dealers with extensive overseas contacts and the ability to sell quality and characteristic horses. 

We are not just horse sellers, we are mainly owners of most of the horses we have in offer. We work with our horses almost every day, so we know very well their personalities and characters. We are able to tell people how do horses make us feel when we work with them. We can tell you anything that would you like to know about our horses.

We have a wide range of horses for sale (from promising youngsters - up to high-level sport horses). We have horses for complete amateurs as well as for professional competing riders. 

Our goal is to find that one special horse for each person. We would be pleased to help you with choosing the perfect horse for you, based on your budget and your requirements.

For more information about horses and other services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Jitka Ranglová

  • founder and owner of the whole company
  • active show jumping and eventing rider in the past
  • currently focusing on horse training
  • focuses on the selection and purchase of horses
  • stable organization
  • communication in the Czech language

Kristýna Ranglová

  • an indispensable part of our team
  • social network-manager
  • has the main connection with all our clients and transport companies
  • personally arranges the transport of horses
  • the biggest groom of our home horses
  • helps clients with choosing the right horse
  • communication in the English language 

Our stables offer more than 30 horses for sale. Horses are based in Slovakia and Czech Republic in our barns and they are trained by experienced and professional riders.

Many clients are buying a horse just on the video, we are trying to give them the most information about the wanted horse as possible - including vet checks, confirmation pictures, current videos, etc... 

If the clients come here, we can pick them up at the airport (Wien, Prague, Bratislava, etc.) and then start to trip and visit our barns, where clients can try horses.

Our cooperation is trying to be on a friendly basis with clients and our goal is to make them all happy. The biggest reward for our work is a lot of positive reviews from our clients (friends) about sold horses. We are cooperating with many people in the world, so if you need to get references about our cooperation or story, you can contact us, and we will send you some contacts of a few experienced people with us.



Nemochovice 79

683 33 Nemochovice

Jitka Ranglová - Czech language

+420 775 961 592

Kristýna Ranglová - English language

+420 733 736 574