We have our own transport company - Horse Transport Europe

For the best comfort of your new horse, we can arange his transport to the airport by our own transport company. It's the shortest and best way how to get your horse to the quarantine in the shortest time.

The shortest possible distance and in the best possible time can we travel with them from door to door. 

The main reason of establishment this company was for the comfort of our horses. Horses that are sold to our clients abroad and it is necessary to transport them to a specific place in a new stable or quarantine before they fly to the owners. Our own transport company is comfortable for horses because they do not have to wait for a specific national transport. With international carriers, they can only travel with more horses and have long travel in trucks over more other stables.

Here you can find the second option of transport by  HORSE TRANS CARGO company.

We work and cooperate with this company couple of years. They are professionals with many experiences with transport.  It's a good choice for a good journey of your new horse.