None of this and much more is an automatic service for us that we can provide for our clients! Many partners in America who bought horses mainly through video have a concrete idea of ​​which tests they want. Our goal is to organize all their requirements for them.

MVDr. Pavla Kohutová is a veterinarian with whom we maintain long-term cooperation and who treats all our horses. For your complete comfort, it is possible to consult your questions and comments directly with our veterinarian.

Trust in examining a horse is our priority and that is the reason, why we always provide video recordings of it. If you want to be sure about the horse's health, this is the best way how to stay quiet and happy. 

All our horses for sale have 12 projections of x-rays available for clients. If a client request another x-rays projections, we can easily arrange it. Any additional projections are not covered and must be paid by the client.